Broken heart  

  I apologize about what happened from me💏-I love you💙💚-Beth Cooper.💔💗💍💎

I wish we get back again💘


True love

   Each night I put my head to my pillow I try to tell myself I’m strong because I’ve gone one more day without u,so to the only person who I love “my girl” I love you ,I adore you. your my other half ,I am half a heart without you,I need you ,I miss you.I can’t imagine how i can live without you.Why u don’t love me I tried my best to love me but u don’t don’t u rememmber what did you do when I told you that i love u and ur my other half do you??

So infront of every body I am telling You “I Love you,I miss you,I really mean it.I know that you don’t love me but I do.When i spot u or any image belong to you ,I gaingoosebumps as my heart beats keeps increasing as if its and race whether to win or no.Also i know that u see Yourself a little bad but reject this idea.You are soo beatiful Your eyes looks like a colourful fish full of fun and joy.Also your cheeks are soo cute i really adore them. You are a piece from the moon and u will be lik this in my eyes until my death.

I am afraid that oneday I lose you more than this and I never see u again u r my queen girl never cry just smile.When u cry,it’s the most painful feeling to me.

I wish that maybe oneday I would fly next to you.

“I swear I love you and I need you”